Select Fabric

With over 150 different fabrics, Bespokino offers a variety of different patterns and textures on our shirts. Select the one that you like best and start designing and styling your shirt

Design & Style

Bespokino offers a large variety of different styling options so that you can design your shirt according to your liking. You can select your collar type, cuff type, and even how you want your monogram on your shirt.

Measure Yourself

Our patented self-measuring tool is one of a kind and guarantee’s our customers the fit that they want. Once you’ve measured yourself, selected your shirts and submitted your order, the shirts will arrive in about 3 weeks to your front door.

About Bespokino

Bespokino is an innovative pioneer in custom clothing, offering bespoke shirts for men. We offer the highest quality at the most affordable prices, which lie far below those of our competitors. We are independent in our production, which allows us to turnover our product and have our customer's shirts ready in four weeks or less (a significantly shorter time than the industry norm!). Each and every shirt we create is 100% bespoke and a new pattern is cut and crafted to the customer's exact styling options.
Why Bespokino
100% Bespoke Clothing
Bespokino is 100% bespoke, which means that every shirt is individually made based on your measurements. There’s no need to worry about whether the shirt is going to come back too big or too tight.
Perfect Fit Guarantee
Bespokino guarantee’s the perfect fit to its customers through our patented self-measuring tool. Make sure to pick the tool that fits your chest size best and adjust the measurements to reflect the perfect fit for you
Free Shipping
Bespokino offers FREE shipping to its customers throughout the Continental U.S.
Let us make clothing for you.
Bespokino is designed to make your fitting experience easy and effective. Use our measuring tool and create your own measurement profile by using the Bespokino measuring tool at any one of our vendors located around the country. Download the Bespokino app today and enjoy the simplicity of ordering your custom made shirts, whenever you want from where ever you are.